How to make Huge Sales with a Website

If you are looking to increase sales with online marketing strategies then this will be a great article to read. We’ll be covering the mobile marketing strategy and why you should implement it into your marketing immediately. Here is the reality, many businesses currently at the time of this writing think their potential customer and customers aren’t using their mobile phones to search for local products and services. Because of this, they have totally forgotten or are not aware they need to mobilize their marketing efforts and is a huge mistake because you can really increase sale with mobile websites and create more credibility for a long period of time.

Mobile optimized websites offer great advantages over traditional advertising techniques like immediate accessibility and improved customer interaction. Mobile websites should not be designed as branding sites and should be thought of more of a quick reference to your product or service and how to get in contact quickly. It is advised to have a click to call feature on your site for people on the go.

The challenge is that most businesses have don’t have a mobile optimized web site. Try pulling your business website up with a mobile website replicator like and see how it looks and functions. Do you have to scroll all over the place? That’s not real good for people on the go.

Take the time to check and see how your business website shows up on mobile devices. Chances are that you are missing out increasing sales with a mobile website.

So to recap what we have covered in this article, first take the time to see how your business website looks on mobile devices and see how your customers are viewing your business on mobile devices.

If you are spending money to advertise and market your business online make sure that you invest in mobile optimization so you can increase sales with mobile websites.

Now let’s get to 6 ways you can increase your website sale:

1. Optimize for mobile

Mobile is becoming an ever-more popular way to access the internet. Almost 60 percent of all online searches are now carried out on a mobile device, and by 2025, nearly 73 percent of internet users will access the internet solely via mobile devices. Figures like this simply can’t be ignored. 

Optimizing for mobile traffic and having a mobile-friendly design is a must. Be particularly aware of the impact screen size has for mobile devices. This can make navigation and form-filling quite fiddly, and may make images too small, ruining the experience. Responsive websites require fast-loading images and forms that are also nice to look at.

2. Improve the on-site customer journey

The key here is to make things as seamless as possible for your visitors. That could be as simple as making sure landing pages are aligned with marketing content. Keeping consistency across your website in general is important as it helps create a good user experience. Probably the most important consideration, though, is the checkout process. Nearly 70 percent of carts are abandoned, so this represents a big opportunity to increase ecommerce sales. 

Make sure to avoid unnecessary barriers like putting too many steps into the purchase journey, adding too many fields into forms, or not being transparent enough on shipping costs up front. In general, abide by the old adage: keep it simple.

3. Build trust with testimonials and case studies

We talked earlier about the value of website design in creating trust, but another fantastic way of doing that is through leveraging social proof – a psychological phenomenon in which people have a tendency to follow the actions of others. 

Harnessing social proof involves telling visitors what other customers think and feel about you as a brand. Case studies are particularly useful in a B2B environment, and incorporating feedback either directly from satisfied customers or through re-using testimonial videos and review site quotes and ratings can be very powerful. 

You may even want to survey your customers yourself to see what they think of you and then share the results on your website. That way you can pick the questions you ask and therefore the data you can present to potential customers, allowing you to gather the most useful insights.

4. Offer better support

One of the ways you can easily lose sales is by failing to provide support to confused visitors or those with questions. Having the capacity to provide information and reassurance to remove any uncertainty is crucial. Without that support, potential customers could become just another bounce rate statistic. 

It’s good to remember the importance of a human touch though, and adding an extra dimension to the human support you provide through live chat can really help personalize the customer experience. Access to live chat during the purchasing process might be the difference between a customer buying or leaving frustrated.

5. Build on intent

Once a visitor has demonstrated their interest in you by coming and engaging with your website don’t let them slip through your fingers. That could be a potential sale lost. 

There’s numerous ways you can keep prospects interested. It’s fairly common practice to use pop-up offers and calls-to-action once visitors are on-site, but be wary of overwhelming your visitors with too many things and putting them off completely. 

Re-messaging is also a good option. If a visitor signs up to your newsletter, for example, be sure to send them relevant offers in future. Cart abandonment emails in particular are very effective, boasting an impressive 18.64 percent conversion rate.

6. Create urgency

Once visitors have reached your site, creating a sense of urgency will help persuade them to buy. 

There’s a few options you can go with. One is to opt for the scarcity approach by adding functionality that talks about ‘only X number remaining’ of certain products. Visitors will instinctively not want to miss out. Another route is using countdown timers on offers, which have been shown to create an 8.6 percent uplift in conversions.

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